Movie Review: ‘The Hills Have Eyes II’ a blood-soaked sequel

Uninspired, unnecessary sequel to 2006´s uninspired, unnecessary remake. A squad of failed National Guard trainees find themselves at a deserted desert outpost; here, they are picked of one by one by the sadistic mutant cannibals living within the abandoned mine shafts in the hills.

By-the- numbers all the way, with thinly drawn characters and a distressingly predictable plot; cheaply and quickly made, and it shows. Thankfully missing much of the nihilism of the first remake, but also missing the style, and sorely lacking the tension and suspense needed for a horror flick to thrive.

The sequel almost seems cobbled together from two of Neil Marshall´s movies: the group of ragtag cadets taken from Dog Soldiers, and the struggle against monsters in caves from The Descent.

Especially pales in comparison to the latter; despite having a network of caves built by the same team, pic is completely missing the overwhelming claustrophobia of Marshall´s underrated film.

Bizarre rape sequence, which begins, cuts to another scene, and resumes ten minutes later, is far more disturbing than the filmmakers know or intend.

Written by Wes Craven, director of the original 1977 The Hills Have Eyes (and its 1985 sequel), and son Jonathan Craven. For undiscriminating horror fans only.


Jason Pirodsky

Jason Pirodsky

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