Jacob Anderson, Sam Reid, and Bailey Bass in Interview with the Vampire (2022)

‘Interview with the Vampire’, season 2, to shoot in Prague from April

AMC’s Interview with the Vampire premiered last fall to largely enthusiastic reviews from critics and TV audiences, with a second season already greenlit before the first had aired. According to recent reports from those involved with the production, that second season will be shot in Prague from April.

According to Interview with the Vampire producer Adam O’Byrne, speaking to the The Canadian Press, via the Toronto Star, season 2 of the series will be set in Paris but predominantly shoot in Prague, standing in for the French capital in WWII-era Europe.

Portions of the season will also be shot in Paris and New Orleans, where the first season was largely filmed. At the end of season one, the immortal vampire protagonists head to Paris in 1940.

Potential filming locations that Interview with the Vampire might utilize in Prague have not been revealed, but look for the production to make use of the Czech capital’s historic city center to stand in for 1940s Paris.

Sam Reid and Jacob Anderson in Interview with the Vampire (2022)

Prague has played Paris numerous times in previous films, perhaps most notably in the 1998 version of Les Misérables, or 2004’s Van Helsing. While the Czech capital usually stands in for period-era Paris, it also played a contemporary version in G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra.

Interview with the Vampire is based on the novel by Anne Rice that also led to the 1994 film of the same title, starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, and a young Kirsten Dunst. Season two will cover the second half of that original novel, though Rice wrote multiple novels with the same characters should the series continue.

Series showrunner Rolin Jones also referenced the European shoot in an interview with AMC Talk.

“We’re going to Europe and Part 2 of the novel is Episode 1 of Season 2. So, we’re going there and we’re going to experience that. Then we’re going to Paris,” Jones told AMC Talk.

“We’re going to see what coven life is all about, and we have some more time than the movie or even the book. We’re continuing to make the interview part of this and just as important as the flashback, in that there are some very active things that are going to be happening in Dubai.”

Sam Reid, Jacob Anderson, and Bailey Bass in Interview with the Vampire (2022)

Interview with the Vampire stars Sam Reid as the immortal vampire Lestat, who was played by Tom Cruise in the earlier film. Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones‘ Grey Worm) stars as his lover Louis, Brad Pitt’s character from the movie, with Bailey Bass as their forever-young “daughter” Claudia, who was previously portrayed by Kirsten Dunst.

Eric Bogosian, Assad Zama, Kalyne Coleman, Chris Stack, Rae Dawn Chong, and John DiMaggio also starred in the first season, though not all characters will be returning for the second.

Sam Reid has previously filmed in the Czech Republic. He starred in 2014’s Serena, in which Prague stood in for North Carolina of all places, alongside Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

A release date for the second season of Interview with the Vampire has not been set, but O’Byrne told the Toronto Star that he expects it to debut in late 2023 or early 2024. Look for the series to be shooting on the streets of central Prague this spring.


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