Czechflix: Czech Netflix to add hundreds of new Czech films and improved localization

Czech Netflix users received a large boon this week as the online streaming service has significantly improved its local Czech and Czech-language service.

An estimated 1,000 films currently on Netflix have received additional Czech subtitle and/or dubbing tracks as of yesterday, or approximately 20% of all content now streaming on the Czech version of the service. The Netflix user interface will also be getting a Czech-language option.

Additionally, Netflix has begun to license and stream original Czech and Slovak-language films, with seven new titles appearing on the streaming service yesterday.

Bonus for non-Czech-speaking Netflix customers in the Czech Republic: so far, all new Czech movies on Netflix are also available with English subtitles.

The new Czech films now streaming on Netflix with English subtitles include the 2016 festival favorite I, Olga Hepnarová, a stark black-and-white drama about Czechoslovakia’s most notorious spree killer, a 21-year-old woman who drove a truck into a Prague tram stop in 1973, killing eight people.

Also streaming on Netflix with English subtitles: Dan Přibáň’s 2014 documentary Trabantem až na konec světa (Trabant vs. South America), which follows travellers inspired by iconic Czech adventurers Miroslav Zikmund travelling the world in a retro Czechoslovak automobile. Four additional Trabant features, and three TV series, have continued to chart their journey.

Three Czech films from director Tomáš Vorel are also now streaming on Netflix with English subtitles: the 2000 romantic comedy Cesta z města (Out of the City), starring Tomáš Vorel and Bolek Polívka, the 2007 Prague-set graffiti comedy Gympl (The Can), and its 2014 sequel, Vejška (Prague Cans).

Not only Czech features have made it to Netflix: Peter Bebjak’s acclaimed 2017 Slovak drama Čára (The Line), about criminal activity on the Slovak-Ukrainian border, is also now streaming with English subtitles.

Additionally, the 2008 animated film Kozí příběh – Pověsti staré Prahy (Goat Story: The Old Prague Legends) is also now streaming on Netflix with English subtitle options.

According to the online streaming giant, an estimated 150 new Czech films will be coming to Netflix in the coming weeks and months, perhaps as soon as next week. The addition of English subtitles to all current Czech features on Netflix is a great sign for future content.

Netflix is preparing for increased competition on the Czech streaming market, with Apple TV+, which has promised improved Czech-language programming, set to launch on November 1 at a significantly lower price point than Netflix.


Jason Pirodsky

Jason Pirodsky

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