Movie Review: Andrea Arnold’s ‘Red Road’ an intense, maddening journey

In Red Road, lonely CCTV operator Jackie (Kate Dickie) spies mysterious Clyde (Tony Curran) on one of her cameras; decidedly un-subtle music clues us in that this is important.

She begins to watch him, follow him, and eventually interact with him.

Who is he? You´ll find out if you can make it through this interminable effort from director Andrea Arnold.

After 15 minutes, fascinating; after 45, things get tedious. But after 100 minutes of not knowing what the hell is going on I simply felt angry at the filmmakers for jerking me around.

Things are wrapped up rather nicely, as motivations are revealed in retrospect, but I wish the whole thing didn´t hinge on a revelation when it´s all we´re waiting for; had the audience been informed from the start, it would have made for a much more compelling movie.

Also features one of the more disturbing sex scenes in recent memory.


Jason Pirodsky

Jason Pirodsky

Jason Pirodsky has been writing about the Prague film scene and reviewing films in print and online media since 2005. A member of the Online Film Critics Society, you can also catch his musings on life in Prague at and tips on mindfulness sourced from ancient principles at

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