‘Feast of Love’ movie review: Morgan Freeman stars in mawkish adaptation


A mawkish adaptation of the Charles Baxter novel, Robert Benton´s Feast of Love feels insincere throughout despite a likable cast and efficient direction.

Morgan Freeman stars as Harry Stevenson, professor-on-leave who has recently lost his son, and now observes the lives and loves of those around him

In particular: coffee shop owner Bradley Thomas (Greg Kinnear), whose wife (Selma Blair) has just left him for a woman, and now moves in next door to Harry with bad girl real estate agent Diana (Radha Mitchell).

There´s also young love between Bradley´s employees Oscar (Toby Hemmingway) and Chloe (Alexa Davalos), who sticks with Toby despite his abusive father (Fred Ward) and a prophetic warning from a psychic.

Well-meaning film intends to be an exploration of the strange nature of love, but all-too-blatant set-ups and ill-defined characters result in an entirely shallow experience.

There´s also plenty of female nudity, which doesn’t do the otherwise tame film any favors, but helps to pass the time.

Material is strictly Lifetime Movie of the Week; taken on that level, though, it mostly succeeds.

Feast of Love


Jason Pirodsky

Jason Pirodsky

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