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‘Foundation’ pauses production in Prague amidst SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike

After word that the second season of Interview with the Vampire had halted its production in Prague, the third season of Foundation has now confirmed it is on hiatus due to the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike. Radomír Dočekal, co-owner of local production company Milk and Honey Pictures, confirmed the hiatus to Czech News Agency this week.

Production on the other big TV series shooting in Prague this summer, The Wheel of Time, is reportedly still underway although two of the series’ stars, Rosamund Pike and Daniel Henney, are both members of SAG-AFTRA.

The actors’ strike will impact work for thousands of film professionals in the Czech Republic this year. In addition to the already-announced production stoppages, projects slated to come to the country in the coming months will also be affected.

Foundation began filming in Prague on May 26, with shooting expected to run through October. Like Interview with the Vampire, when it may be able to return to the Czech Republic is not yet known as the strike marches on.

The SAG-AFTRA strike was officially announced last Thursday, July 13, and has effectively brought all Hollywood productions to a standstill. Work on some international projects, such as House of the Dragon, have continued, but two of Prague’s three big productions have now officially been paused.

“Everyone is waiting to see how long this situation will last,” Dočekal told Czech News Agency, adding that Prague sets that have been built for Foundation will have to be preserved until filming resumes.

“It is estimated that it could be until September, but possibly also until the end of the year. This would mean that work on all projects could begin only after the New Year […] Some filming continues because British or German unions are behind them. The question is whether they will also join the strike.”

The second season of Foundation, which was also shot in Prague last summer, just premiered on Apple TV+ this past weekend. The streaming platform will release one episode of the ten-episode season each Friday through September 15.

An adaptation of the centuries-spanning series of novels by Isaac Asimov, Foundation stars Jared HarrisLee PaceLou LlobellLeah HarveyLaura Birn, and Terrence Mann in a complex story of a band of exiles on distant planets who unite to save the Galactic Empire. The series was created by David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman.


Jason Pirodsky

Jason Pirodsky

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  1. So sad, sounds like an excuse to cancel production retroactively after the third season was greenlit. Apple absolutely has the money to make this and its one of their best original shows, fans need to come together and push them to continue the series.

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