Chris Hemsworth in Extraction II (2023). Prague's Nile House plays a Dubai hospital.

‘Extraction II’: Where was the Netflix action sequel filmed?

Extraction II is now streaming on Netflix, and being watched by tens of millions of viewers; it debuted as the most-watched movie on the platform over the weekend, and even propelled the original film up to number two. Read our review of one of the best action movies of the year here.

Did you recognize any of the Czech locations utilized for Extraction II? The blockbuster sequel shot in the Czech Republic during the winter of 2021-22, and spent a total of over two billions crowns ($100 million) in the country.

While Extraction II takes place in Dhaka, Dubai, and areas of Austria and Georgia, it was almost entirely filmed in the Czech Republic save for a brief excursion to Vienna. The action sequel shot for a total of 69 filming days from November 2021 through April 2022, and briefly came back in November 2022.

As Czech locations fill in for Georgia and Austria in Extraction II, they can be difficult to pinpoint. But the Dubai hospital where Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) recovers after being pulled from the Dhaka River is actually played by the Nile House in Prague’s Karlín district (pictured above).

The Nile House is part of the same building complex as the Danube House, which is where the opening scene of 2006’s Casino Royale was filmed. The Nile House was just under construction during the shooting of the James Bond movie.

After his recovery, Tyler Rake is sent to a riverside cabin in Gmunden, Austria. Exterior filming for this location took place at the Rybník Pod Valdekem in Brdy, about 30 kilometers southwest of Prague, which really does feature just a single cabin by a large pond.

For Extraction II‘s first big action setpiece, a 21-minute prison breakout scene filmed as if it were a single take, the production made use of the Mladá Boleslav Jail, which was once a working prison but now serves as a filming location.

Portions of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and the Czech movie I Served the King of England were filmed in the Mladá Boleslav Jail, which features a massive iron front gate and high concrete walls topped with barbed wire.

Extraction II also filmed in Vienna at the city’s tallest skyscraper, the DC Towers Complex. Director Sam Hargrave reportedly intended for star Chris Hemsworth to actually dangle from the top of the building, but high winds thwarted those plans.

“Hargrave initially considered having Hemsworth perform a stunt dangling from a crane on the 53rd floor of the DC Tower,” read Netflix production notes for the film. “But wind conditions in the winter in Vienna weren’t ideal.”

Other Prague locations utilized for Extraction II include the Prague Congress Centre, Gabriel Loci, the Rudolfinum, and sets in New Town, Vršovice, Malešice, and Lahovice. Filming also took place at Prague’s Barrandov Studio.

Rural sets outside of Prague utilized for the opening action sequence and other scenes include areas of Křimov, Chomutov, Mělník, Kouřim, Milovice, Doksany, Litoměřice, Jesenice, Struhy, Roudnice nad Labem, and Dobříš.

Last weekend in Prague, director Sam Hargrave thanked the Czech cast and crew for making Extraction II happen before the premiere of the movie at Kino Lucerna.

“What’s up Prague? It’s great to be back in the Czech Republic, the place that birthed Extraction II!” Hargrave said as took the stage.

“I just want to say a big thank you to all of the crew that made this possible. Without you, we couldn’t have done it, so give yourselves a round of applause. I’m excited for you to see the fruits of your labor.”

“And for all of you fans out there, the reason we do what we do is for you. So hopefully you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it.”

“And so when you get a chance to see it here on the big screen – and you’re one of the few audiences that will – please enjoy the film, we had a great time making it. And thanks again to Prague and the Czech Republic!”


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