Test Your Movie Knowledge at The Globe’s Monthly Film Quiz in Prague

Test Your Movie Knowledge at The Globe’s Monthly Film Quiz in Prague

Think you know your movies?

Find out if you’ve got what it takes on the first Tuesday of the every month at popular expat hangout The Globe as Quizmaster Jerry prepares a monthly quiz that will test the knowledge of even the most diehard film fans. 

Which actress starred in About Time, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and The Legend of Tarzan?

Which classic Disney film came out first: Dumbo, Fantasia, or Bambi?

True or false: Nicolas Cage chooses his film roles based on astrological signs.

These are just some of the questions from recent quizzes which have stumped teams at The Globe vying for the title of top cinephiles - - and win some some top prizes, to boot. 

At Quizmaster Jerry’s monthly film quiz at The Globe, teams of up to eight people compete for prizes that range from nachos and pitchers of beer to having your team’s drinks - beer, wine and soft drinks - comped for the duration of the quiz.

Individual prizes are also served up between rounds during games like Name-That-Face, where bits and pieces of a headshot are slowly revealed until someone can identify the actor or actress in question. 

Jerry Stroh, the man behind The Globe's monthly movie quiz, has been hosting one or two quizzes per month since 2016. What kinds of questions can you expect to face?

"Generally speaking, most questions only go as far back as films from the 1980s," Jerry recently told me.

"Every quiz will have around 5 questions about older films as well as films not in English though. If I determine that a question is quite difficult, I usually make it multiple-choice. However, there is usually only one multiple-choice question in each round (of 10) of 40 total."

Due respect to Jerry: a lot of work goes into creating the monthly movie quizzes, and it shows.

"It takes around 15 or more hours to create a quiz from start to finish," he told me. "Creating questions about films I've never seen takes more research and time. Finding and editing videos and audio clips is the most time-consuming part."

If you’re up for the challenge, The Globe’s monthly film quiz begins at 19:30 on the first Tuesday of the month, making the next edition set for July 3. Reservations are highly recommended and can be made by email or phone at info@globebookstore.cz or +420 224 934 203. 

But be warned: Quizmaster Jerry’s monthly film quiz at The Globe features some of Prague’s most knowledgeable movie fans, and you may have to best The Prague Reporter to take the top prize. 

Along with the standard film quiz each first Tuesday of the month, Quizmaster Jerry and Quiz Crew also prepare special themed quizzes that test the knowledge of diehard fans of pop culture genres like Star Wars, James Bond, Harry Potter, Marvel & DC and more. 

The next edition of these will be a special Sci-Fi & Fantasy Quiz that will take place at The Globe on Tuesday, June 26. Prepare to have you knowledge of Lord of the Rings and sci-fi franchises like Alien put to the test. 

In addition to the monthly movie-themed quizzes at The Globe, Quiz Crew also presents a competitive general knowledge quiz every Wednesday night from 20:00. For more info and upcoming quiz nights in Prague, keep an eye on the official Quiz Crew Facebook page. You can also check out The Globe's Facebook page for upcoming events at the popular central Prague expat hangout.

And remember to have a good time. 

"Choose friends you enjoy hanging out with," Jerry recommends. "Without an audience, these quizzes wouldn't happen. So I aim to make my quizzes challenging as well as entertaining. And make sure to make a reservation as early as possible."

Lead photo via Facebook / The Globe

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